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Blogging, Digital Marketing and Social Media In Our Backyards with #FLBlogCon13

As a professional blogger and business owner, I often get asked what advice would I give to new bloggers or new digital marketers.  My answer will always include for them to attend workshops and conferences.  As a former PR executive for the federal government, conferences, tradeshows, workshops etc were an essential part of marketing and business goals.  The educational resources and the networking opportunities were ones that could only be found when attending events.  The same concept applies to the digital media world – bloggers and digital influencers learn, connect and network at conferences.

Blogging and social media conferences occur throughout the year all over the country so it’s always a very good (and affordable) opportunity to find a local conference.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of once again speaking at the Florida Bloggers & Social Media Conference which was held at the digital-friendly Full Sail University.

This year I had the great opportunity to speak with my fellow Social Influenz co-founders, Yadira and Sili on a 2.0 version of working with brands (that included resources and tips for submitting a professional presentation back to the brand after a pitch has been approved).

Pat Williams was the opening keynote and shared the following valuable life and business:

  • Think the right kind of thoughts because you what you think about all day long will become a reality in your life.
  • Say the right kind of words. The way we speak will also become a reality in your lives. Words have POWER!
  • Be specific in goal setting. Create short-term, mid-range and long-term goals. Write them down, review and revise with a deadline.
  • You are responsible for your own attitude and actions. Determine to have a good attitude.
  • Seek out the RIGHT kind of friends. You will become like the people you surround yourself with.
  • Take hurts, pain, setbacks, disappointments and  turn them into strengths. Learn from them and make them your strengths (and not your weakness).
  • Go the second mile. It’s biblically based – do twice what is expected of you in every situation personal and business.
  • Don’t have a sense of entitlement. The principle of hard work – What else Can I Do? What Else Can I Offer?
  • Don’t give up! Walt Disney went bankrupt 12 times; had nervous breakdowns; but NEVER gave up and PRESERVED!
  • Character still counts – Integrity, Responsibility, Courage, be aware of the influence you possess. Live your life by the faith phenomenon.

There were so many great presentations on everything from how to build a better media kit to informative social media success takeaways from closing keynote Pam Moore.

Its was a truly a great experience to not only be among influential bloggers, social media influencers and marketers at #FLBlogCon13 but to also connect, network and share together.  Thanks to the great sponsors of the conference,  like Ford and Bahama Breeze, and the planning team led by the wonderful Bess Auer!

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